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New. Kinda.


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Hehehe...  ;D  I don't think you really need to worry about your wallet, my brother.  I'll try my best not to influence you in ANY way  ... alright, that's just a lie. 

Brace yourself.  :thumb:

I think I already showed you my latest?...  :-[


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I've missed ya, buddy - If "Fluffy M.C." is here, I will kick him in his I-Balls.  That's the "internet balls," that alotta people get when they're hiding behind a keyboard...  I don't like that fella too much... 

You DO know that Greg and Rob will be in my locale this fall, right?  You've heard that, certainly.  I'll buy 1/2 your plane ticket if you can make that trip - little bit of incentive, little bit of peer pressure, little bit of double-dog-dare-ya...  :o

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Yeah I heard a rumor of a threesome in the desert LOL.

You're in denial.  It should be a four-some.  :confused:

You can have  :grin:  and  :beer:  and  :o  and even  C:-)  .  Accept it. 

I'll pay 3/4ths of the ticket.  You're upping the anty... 

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Did you do a trust yet?  :popcorn:

I'm actually at a really bad point in my life right now.  I HAVE the money for the trust, fees, setup, etc.  My dilemna is...  I JUST found a sweet Rem 700 AAC-SD bolt in .308 for a badass deal...  I can push the trust-fundage another month and get the rifle this month.  It's a mental quaqmire.

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I'm not talking about a can, man - I'm talking about THIS RIFLE...  :o

I know, Im just saying get a bunch of class III on order because of the supply backlog and the BATFE backlog. Youll have 8mos to a year to get the trust while you wait.

Thats a slick rifle

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and confident  :beer:

I'll work that confidence - it will backfire on him...  :thumb: ;D

Told ya I was gonna snatch this one up.  Grabbed it Sunday morning, slapped a scope on it, and went straight to the range.  Got 55 rounds through it, and the final 3 are quite alright.  The target in the pic is at 100 yards.  Shot the first two, dropped 3/4" and went left 1/2" for the final.  It'll go back out tomorrow and I'll see how it does again.

I like it.  Alot. 



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