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just waiting for new gun purchase


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I have just been to a local hardware store for wood and found an Iee enfield no4 mk1 it has been sportserized back in the 1950s by the looks of it its going to have the mosin experience. Just waiting for the ok on the paperwork to complete the purchase.

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well i picked up my new rifle today here are some photo, well i have found out some history on it. It was made in australia in 1943 it served with them until the end of the war and then went back down under and put in storage and then brought by Golden State Arms in  California back in the 70's or 80's and sportsterized and sold in the USA as a hunting rifle, they removed the front and rear sights and fitted iron sights and fitted a new stock set, they also made sure it worked 100% so in all i have brought a mk4 no1 sportster that was done by a commercial company and it hasn't had any other work done do it until now.




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Iam going to make modern sports rifle out of it, the action is smooth and the bore is bright and the trigger crisp and breaks about 4 lbs. With what golden state arms did to it they removed all traces of the military history and I cant bring it back the front sight and ears have been removed and so are the bayonet lugs on the muzzle, it could be dressed in the furniture but it won't be right historicly so it will hunt hogs  along side my mosin. Also both the mosin and lee enfield both take the same bullets and powder and primers for reloading the ammo.

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