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MY S&W M&P 1522 P

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This is one of my favorite shooters,having it for about 2 years.It is practically flawless in operation,and i can carry it concealed under a floppy shirt.I put a Red Dot on it,and I cannot  recommend it enough.My interest is shooting bar of soap sized rocks at 100 yds with it.Lots of fun.My centerfire Sigs and AR`s usually sit at home...

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22LR in either CCI Velocitors or Aguila Supermax are ballistic-wise, very close to 22 mag. I carry a .45,  2 different 9mm's, or a Ruger SR22 , depending on time of year and clothing.  I feel very safe with 10 Velocitors in my SR22. No recoil, fast reaquiring of target, and like the OP, I can make a quarter size group of 10 in your forehead  in about 5 secs. . I am 53 years old and have been shooting since I was 8.  I dont recommend 22lr to a beginner, but if you are dedicated and practice regularly, a .22lr will do the job. The Massad ( Israeli Secret Service) used the 22Lr as standard carry for over 2 decades, and they took out a fair number of targets in that time.

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For the MOSSAD the 22LR was one of their primary assasination weapons of choice for obvious reasons.  It was not however the standard duty carry weapon as they had no standard duty carry.  The agent carried whatever they felt the mission required.  As to the shots to the forehead claim that would only be with a stationary target.  You could not do that with a moving target.  Frankly nobody could.

I would have little problem carrying a 22LR with CCI Stingers as a deep cover CCW but as a primary carry, nope.

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