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Cyber Monday E-mails


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I bought two tickets to a concert from Ticketmaster last month. Included after I paid was a free 5 song download off the ticketmaster website. The bride wanted them so I downloaded them. The next time I turned my computer on a search engine/translater called BABYLON had taken over my computer. This is a predatory site that is used only for advertising. It says to click to deinstall. right! It embedded further. I went online and found someone who had suceeded in blocking this crap. Anyway when I got into my computer I found 18 command lines for this crap installed. Get rid of one and another took over. I had to manually change each line. Anyway to make a long story longer My e-mail address had been sold to EVERYONE in the world. I really got at least 150 e-mails a day plus about 300 e-mails that were ID'd as spam. So I changed my e-mail, a real pain. I got the same senders every day, with just the slightest change in the sending address, so my unsubscriber wouldn't work. What a nightmare! >:(

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