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Credit Card Fraud


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This happened to my son a few years back. All to often they get your number through a secondary source.

We never use a debit card on line. I use a credit card then make a on-line payment to the credit card company right away. At least with the credit card their are limits to what you'd lose.

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You know whats funny about debit cards, banks dont offer the same security options as credit cards. I would love disposable and assignable numbers.  I would use credit cards but they are uh um uh maxed out  ;D

Bama will be gone before the FS2000 is paid off  :grin:

Not nearly the same security with debit vs. credit cards ... they aren't making as much money off you using your debit and it shows.

We gotta talk about those maxed out CC's ... the banks have a license to steal with their CC rates! I got in big trouble about 10 years back, living a champagne life on a beer budget; finally paid them off and have never carried a balance since. I just hate to give banks money they didn't earn!

Hopefully, you get the FS paid off quickly or it'll end up being a $3000 rifle! That just hurts to even say!  ::) And I can only hope the azzhat in the White House only serves one term ... don't think the country can take a second term!


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