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Gun Show Loophole


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So today I went to my first ever gun show, right off the bat, It was very apparent that the gun show people had closed the "Gun Show Loop Hole" on their own and no firearm was allowed to be transferred with out a back ground check except...

While talking with one of the vendors, we asked about how it all worked, buying a gun with back ground checks being back logged about 8 days, The answer left me in shock, there was no way a US citizen could legally purchase a firearm and leave the show with that weapon. But, if you were a legal alien , with a green card, you could purchase as many and any weapon you wanted and walk out the door with it.


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Well I was in the capitol building from 1:15 till 5:45pm. They had to move the meeting from the committee room to the main house chambers because almost 300 people showed up of whom close to 75% opposed this bill, these people were from all over the state. The meeting started 2 hours late, because of the number of people who showed and I firmly believe the libtard Chair was hoping the opposition would leave, which we didn't. The speakers against it used logical, fact and legal arguments. The pro gun control crowd got up and used fear, everyone of them mentioned Sandy Hook, they used media stats proven to be wrong and flat out lied. All of the pro control were from Santa Fe, whose population is made up of California liberals who want artsy fartsy. I left went it became clear the committee wasn't going to finish their deliberations tonight.

I attached the bill if anyone is interested.


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A small little side note;

    If these liberal wacko's get their way, then for someone like me who may want to sell or trade a long arm to a friend, we wouldn't be able to do so unless we went to a gun store/FFL and go through a cumbersome paperwork PITA and of course, a nice little around $40 fee to transfer.  Around here, things like this happen all the time, just visit the MGO's forum.  Think about a National Government Data base that tracks and knows down to every single  round of ammo I hold.  We are witnessing the Second & Forth Ammendment being flushed down the toilet.

What liberty will we have  left? 

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Even my prized, beat up, dilapidated JC Higgins 410 single shot.(Manufactered in the 20's, And I have killed many a squirrel with that little gun), and given to me by my grandfather, when I was 13 would be illegal. I still take it to the range from time to time. Not much of a gun, but it brings back old memories.  :beer:

And congrats Amsurff on your involvement!!! 8)

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We managed to cause the bill to fail to get out of the NM House Judicary committee. Wish I could say it was dead and done, I'm sure they'll try to rewrite and try to present it again this session.

Its next stop would have been or maybe still will be is the Appropriations & Finance committee, where it will have an even harder time getting through cause there is no money to pay for it. I'm not sure of the rules about the committees, so it may be dead until it can clear the Judicrary or it may go the Appropriations & Finance anyway.

Luclily for me I only have a hour drive to get Santa Fe.

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