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.22 match grade rifle


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Iam looking for a new project sort of i have nearly finished my lee enfield project now iam looking for a .22 target rifle maybe  (i cant belive iam thinking this lol) a ruger 10/22. Basicly iam looking for a rifle for .22  match shooting iam not to fussy when it comes to bolt action v semi auto i just needs to be a good shooter. Any ideas guys ?

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The absolute hands down best target only .22lr rifle on a budget I've ever owned is the Russian CM-2.

It's a single shot, which enhances accuracy, and competes with rifles costing three times it's price.

Adjustable trigger, adjustable butt stock, hammer forged barrel.

It's not what I'd call pretty but man, can that sucker shoot.








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+1 on the CM2! MG has a new one, mine was well used, and I got it from CDNN Sports. I refinished the lumber, put a rail & cheap scope on it, and at 50 yards - wow. The target was 5 shots using Federal bulk 36 gr ammo. It weighs 12 lbs, adjustable trigger, hand stop & butt plate. One of these days I will try the match ammo I got for it, and I want to try it on the 100yd range. If you can pick one of these up do it!


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