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Starting a new project: MK II-F


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So I decided to get into the Hobby a bit, as I have never ventured into the world of firearms.

I decided to start out small, and see how I like it, and if the bug gets me to expand.

I recently picked up a Savage Mk II-F at Wal-Mart. I have not gotten an opportunity to shoot it yet, but I have already decided the factory stock ("Tupperware" I believe it is referred to?) isn't going to cut it.

I picked up an extra magazine locally last week, and today, I placed an order for a Boyd's Rimfire Varmint Thumbhole stock that they had on sale with a new Trigger guard and Floor Plate. It should be arriving in a few days.

I was looking at the Tacticool Stock, but I have a local gun Shop trying to get me an FVSR, so I'll wait on the Tacticool stock for that one.

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Thanks for the reply, I have heard that are straight shooters even without the Accutrigger.

I figure I can give it a go and see if I enjoy it without spending a heap of cash... besides that, I get a lot of enjoyment in learning about the mechanics of things, tinkering, etc...

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Just to update:

In an effort to keep it a Budget Project (but it has to look cool!), I picked up a 4x16 Center Point scope after reading some good reviews, and a short bi-pod.

Also, my Thumbhole stock showed up today.. but I had to head to work this afternoon....  :o



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I believe so as well.

It might be a Wal-Mart special Mk II-F, but to me, half the fun is making something that was budget excel, as long as the cost doesn't overtake what an equal can be purchased for...

My wife pretty much says "You can build anything you want, because anyone can buy it.. but not everyone can build it"... so I have taken that approach with everything from my car to designing/scratch building vacuum tube guitar amplifiers...

I have to look into some of the Non-Accutrigger Trigger tweaks as well.

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So the run down is....

Savage MK II-F (Non-accutrigger Model)

Centerpoint 4-16X40 Scope

Diversified Innovative Products 25 MOA Scope Mount

Millett Low Scope Rings

Blackhawk 6"-9" Bipod

Boyd's Rimfire Varmint Thumbhole Stock

Diversified Innovative Products Trigger Gaurd

Diversified Innovative Products Bottom Metal

Home-brewed Trigger Job (shimmed trigger, lighter spring)

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