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New Gun Cabinet


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I have two 'Sentinel' cabinets.  They fit between 4-drawer files and I drilled holes from inside to inside the various cabinets,  put 1/4 inch bolts with washers on both sides and self-locking nuts.  The entire group is free standing but tied together with three bolts in each facing wall.  Not impossible for a home invader to take apart or carry away but it would take time and be a major hassle.

I increased the holding capacity of each cabinet by adding shelves.  1"x 4" shelf boards with a 1"x 2" lip on the outer edge.  Fitted like a square horseshoe,  supported by corner brackets bolted to the cabinet walls and to the shelving.  4 shelves inside each cabinet.  It reduced the space for rifles but allows storage for a lot of ammo and equipment and also handguns.  The shelf boards are a 'made' product,  I think it is wheat straw & resin or glue.  Strong,  straight,  dimensionally exact and stable,  no sag.  Not waterproof but water should be a no-problem for this.  They have a flat white primer which I left alone.  The white color helps visibility considerably inside the cabinets.

With the shelves loaded,  more ammo stacked on the floor,  and the long guns in there,  these cabinets are seriously heavy.

Adding the shelves to the first cabinet was fun.  Experimenting to see if it would work and inventing all the details.  The second cabinet a couple of years later was just time-consuming and a pain. 

Too many brackets;  too many small machine screws,  nuts & washers;  placing finishing nails as assembly pins and clamps for the Gorilla Glued surfaces;  making the shelf assemblies even go into place.  It felt like I had an electric drill in each hand with a drill bit in one and a screwdriver bit in the other while trying to fit small screws,  washers and nuts in place with spare fingers and working a regular screwdriver and a socket wrench all at the same time with other spare fingers.  Trying to be on the front inside and around the back to hold screws simultaneously--  creating ways to make it work.  But the final result is very useful.

Looking at the info in the link you provided,  I may buy another cabinet just like yours.  All the benefits of what I did to my first two without the work and hassle.  And I need more space.  Don't we all?

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