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Extra Precautions?


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In light of the ebola situation & this administration's lack of a coherent plan of action,  are you taking any extra precautions for you & yours?

I have long had a few buckets of long shelf life food and personal life straws for water, did get another bucket & one of the big water filters.

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We're pretty much set, we can hold up for an extended period of time if necessary. If you're planning on staying put get "Water Bobs" they are bladders which will fit into you bath-tubs and hold 65-100 gallons of water depending on the tub.

Good planning Michael. We have the 50 gal in the water heater, but I also have the life straws and a 1200 Gal pond.

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Hell my bladder will hold 65 gallons, any sort of lite brew. Ebola ain't got a chance with my filtration system operating at full capacity. We won't get into the solid waste category, but any of you could have me as a guest in a national emergency.....

(Pssst, hey Rodent... You ARE a national emergency.  ;D)

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