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Ruger LCP


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That's what my buddy carries.  It's a great little gun, very easy to conceal, shoots pretty well.  I ran some rounds through his.

I would probably carry it on my ankle as a back-up gun, as it seems to me to be a better belly gun than something to use in a firefight.

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Hey FS2KSTD - Yeppers, the Crimson Trace laser - thanks for the positive info! Picking up the LCP Wednesday, will post pics / range rpt as it becomes available. How did we ever git to mice and .45s on this thread? :confused:

Nice video

and a great tactical pointer for close-in work.


TM ... I called my LCP a "mouse-gun" and it all went downhill from there!  ;D

I have been really pleased with my LCP, for what it is ... a convenient, small, reliable carry when everything else is just too bulky; and a back-up when it is warranted. Enjoy your new pistol and don't get "bit" by the back of the slide when you take it out on it's maiden voyage(I got a nice scar to remind me about how I grip the little feller  :o).

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Luckily, my cousin makes holsters for the P3AT and LCP. Holland Holster Co. 8)

[img width=800 height=600]http://i344.photobucket.com/albums/p322/firstacuratl/Weapons/Ruger%20LCP/IMG_1401.jpg

[img width=800 height=600]http://i344.photobucket.com/albums/p322/firstacuratl/Weapons/Ruger%20LCP/RugerLCPwithHollandHolsterCo.jpg

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Good work! I need something for mags that will fit a leg cargo pocket and was thinking of trying my hand at leather working.

That's exactly the reason my cousin got into the biz ... he couldn't find any leather for his P3AT that he liked so he decided to start making his own!  :thumb:

It's also the main reason I bought my LCP and CT'ed it ... so he could use it as a mold to make holsters for a lasered version. Not that I really needed a serious reason to buy another gun. ;D

Looking good TM! Let us know what you think of little "Elsie Pea" after you get to the range.  :grin:

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