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Overall happy but...


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So I finally got my rifle last week and I finally had a chance to shoot. So I don't have an extensive review of the rifle because I don't know much about real m4s or ARs for that matter - but I love the way it looks and all the potential modifications that I can and WILL do to it! Currently:


Ok so I ran 100 rounds of CCI through - no problems whatsoever!

Then I ran about 250 rounds of BVAC - wow. had about 8-10 misfires/FTF? not sure which one but i'll describe it. When a round is chambered, and I click fire, nothing happens (I'm guessing this is called FTF). I'm thinking that it's because the next round is coming up too far and blocks the firing pin? I don't know but when I take out the magazine and re-cock it, the round in the chamber fires. Sometimes, the next round doesn't even load into the chamber. Upon inspection, I notice the round isn't going up far enough and it's badly scraped on the top - like the round wasn't high enough to catch the reloading lever. I read that another guy had this problem as well. so that round ends up being scraped or bent - had to throw that away. I'm not sure if it's because my gun was so dirty that sometimes it couldn't catch and reload the next round properly. pretty frustrating and i hope it's because of the BVAC ammo and not my gun.  :-[

My magazines were seated properly but there were times that it wasn't and I dropped it in the indoor range - cracked! You can see the cracked mag here next to a normal mag:


I gotta get some mag bottom protectors and find some outdoor ranges.

My friend next to me with the high capacity mag dropped his like 3 times cursing every time. anyhow, i'm gonna stick with CCI and try some federals when i get my hands on them. I also got 500 rounds of remmington that I have to try - I'll let you guys know how my gun handles that.

Still really happy with my gun and fun to shoot but i'd like to figure out what's the reloading, FTF problems!

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The FTFire malfunctions on these new rifles seems to stem from a dirty firing pin channel. When shipped new they are treated with a shipping preservative that can gum up the works. A couple of shots of Gun Scrubber (or equivalent) into the bolt followed by a lubricant will usually cure this problem. The bore also needs cleaned prior to firing due to this preservative.

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Exactly the same issue I had when I bought mine.

The solution.

Tighten the bolt return screw about 10 full turns.

Clean the weapon .

Only load magazines with the bolt back, chamber open.

Pop the magazine in from the bottom even though it may have seemed to have seated.

I also use cci or federal ammo and factory rep I contacted said do not use remminton. ( I dont know why).

This seemed to have worked for me.  Good shooting.

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I had problems with the slip on rubber protectors and the finger grips on the side of the magazine follower when I was reloading. they would catch and bind up on the last couple of rounds. Tried to trim them and they wouldnt stay on. Just took them off.  You get what you pay for - the gun shows are no exception.


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