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Tick Attack!

Michigan Joe

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My son and I shot the rifles a few days ago out in my back 5 acres. When we came in we carried some ticks in with us. First time that ever happened. Creeped us out. Especially when I read about all the bad stuff they carry.

I never even saw a tick when I used to wander the woods as a kid.

As a result, I did not take all the warnings about ticks seriously. I figured that since I never saw a tick before, the whole tick thing had to be blown out of proportion.

So, just warning you guys to watch out. Nobody is tick-proof.

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As a Rocky Mountain spotted fever survivor I can tell you that tick-borne diseases will kick your butt. Ticks watch for movement and drop from the trees on you. They also will stay on tall grass and attach to your socks and legs. A tick bite is miserable, the itch is tremendous. Once it itches and the bump develops, you will be exposed to anything the tick is carrying.

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We got into some ticks Friday in southern Ohio that were about the size of a large sesame seed and red. I live 3 hours north of where we hunted and have not seen this one before. Guy I was hunting with had 17 on him. They were around the top of his socks and where his pack strap went around his waist.

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