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I think I need help.


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I have only sold one gun. A S&W 4006. Traded it in on the Para Ordnance P12 when they first became available. 

Normally I just have a rifle build in the works. But when CT started threatening with new laws I decided to get what I want NOW while I can.

Still a few more must haves. A CZ75b, HK45c

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25 years ago I sold a Browning semi  rifle in .308. Around that time, I also sold a ruger mini M-14. I have regretted doing that ever since.

I did give my nephew my Savage .222 that I used to hunt groundhogs with. I don't mind that so much. I only wish I would have bought a new one and kept mine.

Finally, my brother-in-law borrowed my .22 that I did all my hunting with as a kid. He died, and my sister gave it away to his business partner, as they used to go shooting with it. She did not know it was mine.  She gave me a detective .38 special that he used to carry.

That's it for me when it came to losing guns. My advice to gun owners is: Never, never, ever, for any reason, give up the ownership of one of your guns. You will regret it. [glow=red,2,300][/glow]

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