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Saved a little bird


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Heading out to walk the dog we startled one of our cats and a little bird came flopping and fluttering out. It had a small cut over it's eye and was missing tail feathers. Couldnt locate any help last night but we were lucky this morning and a local nature center agreed to take it and rehab it.

We had initially thought it a young femal Cardinal but we were mistaken. It was a bird I had not seen or heard of. A Cedar Wax Wing. The nature center folks were thrilled with their new guest.


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Most people aren't aware that after a young bird has learned to flap its wings the parents will coax it out of the nest and it is taught to feed on its own. The parents will hide it in brush,etc until it has learned to feed and fly. Unfortunately the odds game begins, and out of a nest of 5 or so, only one might survive. Most young, if seperated from their parents by mishap won't make it on their own, because they haven't learned to feed in the wild. Many of the birds you see in museum aviaries and rescue groups are kept because of their inability to feed in the wild. :grin:

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