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I do not normally post, however I like the intro idea. 

I picked up my S&W M&P 15-22 on black Friday due to an impulse (I've  already ordered a Mossberg Tactical .22 as Bass Pro (back ordered 3 weeks)).  I actually did a little research here and decided to go with the S&W instead.  I've carried the GUU-5P for a year and grew to love that rifle.  Unfortunately Uncle Sam will not let you take your best friend with you after returning home.  Except for full rock and roll the 15-22 is absolutely amazing.  Thanks to a reasonable price at the BX/PX I now own the next best thing to a 5.56 ammo recycler.  The number 1 reason for the purchase is the similarity to the AR operation, breakdown, and design.  I feel there is an issue to make a visual copy of something by recycling an entirely different rifle (plinkster, 10-22, Umarex) that operates nothing like the original.  Ther is nothing like throwing 2000 rds down range for less then $50!

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