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Hey dudes & dudettes, My name is James im 25 from Swanses, Wales, united kingdom. I'm ex military spent 6 years in the infantry. Since i left the military i started to have withdrawal symptoms lol, that smell of burnt gun powder, that sound of steel when a round makes contact, holding a rifle that you can reach out and touch some1 in another zip code, that feel and power of the rifle like its an extension of your manhood lol.

Enough of that s**t now lol so i went to a local range too find out how to get involved in shooting so lo and behold i shoot at a few ranges from tactical shoots e.g advance and shoot, Sniper matches, CQB. Also do long range shooting anywhere from 300 yards out to 1200 yards, you can shoot upto 2000 yards if you like but i cant do that with my .308 lol. But my fortay is controlling pests or (Vermin) to my american buddies from Bird's, Rabbit's, fox etc so pretty much anything that is causing a problem to the farmer. So nice to meet you all guy's and i shall speak to ya all soon.

P.S i'm hoping to get a H&K 416 .22LR soon thats the reason i joined the forum you guys are in the know how i most prob will need your help at some point because im useless lol, so when i trick it out will post pictures :P im going to raid magpul and eotech lmfao. 

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