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Mossberg Tactical .22 review

Team Riptide 17

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Let me start by saying that I did read the other post concerning this gun and I could have easily added my info to it. I did think however that maybe starting a new post might renew some interest and some conversation, good or bad, about this rifle...

I will say that the Mossy was an impulse buy for me. I have several .22 rifles and revolvers and although I dearly love the .22 platform, I did not "need" another! I had all intentions of getting a shotgun for HD purposes. We all know however that need should never get in the way of another cool firearm purchase (can I get an Amen?) and that led to my Mossy. I was in my local Dick's Sporting Goods looking at another Mossy of the scattergun variety when I saw the M&P15-22. I was hooked! Just did not have quite that much cash in hand. I had however heard of the Mossy Tactical 22 from here among other places and while now intrigued about the "black gun .22", especially after seeing one in person, I asked about it. I really liked the price... They did not have it (they said they could not keep the Mossy in stock) but after a quick call to a local gun dealer I found one there. I bought it on the spot. I am a bit bummed that I paid too much compared to what I have seen on line and on forums and even what Dick's was asking. Oh well, I had found one and it was coming home with me!

My first impression of the gun was positive and that led to the purchase. It was really cool when compared to my "regular" styled .22 rifles. It did not feel all that cheap to me even though it is covered in plastic. When the origin of the gun is taken into consideration, I think they did a respectable job appearance-wise. It had some heft to it and felt good in hand. I did get the Version with the top handle. That was all the shop had and again, I had already kinda made up my mind a gun purchase was gonna happen. Kinda like going to the grocery store hungry...

After getting the gun home, I already started planning the, like another member on this board so brilliantly put it, the "Pimp My Gun" additions to it. This was even before shooting it... So many rails, so little time... I did however finally get to the range (weather would not cooperate with my outdoor range for a while) and put it through it's paces. Very first trouble I had was loading the mag fully. 10 rounds went in fairly stress free but loading more was awful. I shot with 10 rounds for a long time and got up to 15 and so on. Even now, loading 25 into the mag is God awful. Almost not worth the trouble. I did take the mag apart, cleaned and lubed it and while better, it is not fun... I also had a several instances of the mag coming out just enough so the next round would not load. I am not sure if maybe I had my hand resting on the mag release button while shooting and that that combined with the jar of the gun let the mag back out. This thought occurred to me after I had left the range though so I could not test that theory. It did not do it at all the last rounds I put through it though so I am inclined to give the rifle the benefit of the doubt. The rifle did shoot fine as long as it fed properly and while I did not check for shot grouping, most everything I aimed for I hit. Now I realize this a very broad statement and open for a lot of interpretation but I was in the "kill zone" on paper and was the destroyer of every can that dared wander in to my path. In this case, the gun was everything I wanted. I never intended this (and neither did Mossberg) to be a competition rifle.  Plinking is a blast with it! I have put around 500 rounds through it so far and I don't consider it good and loose yet. I will say that I have 2 versions of the Marlin model 60 which I have read the Mossberg Plinkster was modeled after. (Please correct me if I am wrong) The Marlins are smoother in every way. I have never had a bit of trouble out of either of mine and they are simply great guns. Time will tell if the Mossy with it's very similar action can compare long term with the Marlin.

Now for the aforementioned pimping! Kinda the real reason I bought the gun. What a platform for accessories! Huge rails everywhere! While this will never be an ideal HD gun, it sure looks like one. I do have to say that if you unload 25 rounds, even .22 rounds, into a would be evil doer he is either dead or at the least having a serious change of attitude... Just pointing this rifle with it's various tactical appendages in the direction of said bad guy should at least make him think twice. I promise you he will just see it as fire breather and will never focus on the size of it's blow hole.. First thing I added to mine was a red dot scope. That was followed by a light, then a Magpul AFG, then a laser. I am sure I will never need the laser and for that matter the light but remember the whole "need thing" I mentioned before? It has been a blast rigging this gun out and I did it all as compared to what could be spent, "on the cheap". This gun will never see the rigors of the battlefield and since recoil is a non factor, I did not spend a fortune on optics and lights. Everything I got works to the level of the gun and I am so far happy with everything.

After getting it done "for now", I can say that all in all I am happy with my purchase. It fills the nitch for the cheap "beater" gun with a ton of  "black gun" personality. It is reliable enough now to shoot when I tell it to and hit what I am aiming for. Does it leave something to be desired? Maybe, but when price is factored in it becomes an easier sell. It is loads of fun on the range and turns heads whenever I break it out. It does rate high on the cool chart!

I know this is a long winded post but hopefully it might help someone who is considering giving this rifle a try. While not everything should come down to price, this gun fills a very specific roll and is at least worthy of a look!

Here is mine!






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I sincerely appreciate that!

I did get to shoot some more with it Sunday but only one Mag full. My buddy had his FN FNAR 7.62x51 and his tactical Mossberg 500 which he freely let me shoot.  :thumb: My little Mossy sorta got shoved to the rear in the priority department! I will say that after bringing it home and after cleaning it I did go about the arduous task of reloading the mag. I finally stopped at 20. I was able to get 25 in it before I got to the range but no go this time. It is easily my biggest complaint so far. Maybe worth a call to Mossberg... My aforementioned buddy also had his Ruger 10-22 at the range and I loaded 3 of his 30 round clips trouble free. 2 different brands of clips but both went smooth. It is getting to the point now I have to choose how bad I want to shoot my Mossy simply because I know I am gonna have to reload the silly mag. It just should not be this hard. Anything past around 12 rounds is a chore. I wonder if anyone else is having this trouble?


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As a follow up to the last post, I took my own advice and called Mossberg customer service. I urge everyone to do so just to hear the recorded music while on hold. It sounds like a Mentos commercial or my kid says it sounds like it could be on the Pokemon cartoon. I will be hearing it in my sleep... Anyway, they are sending me a return label so they can "evaluate" my mag and then they will send a new one. I will keep everyone updated as to the time it takes and also if the new one is any better. Boy I sure hope it is... At least they are willing to help and that is great. More to come!


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