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Is this Real???


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I watched this the other night. I don't know..Camera trickery???  Ultra Subsonic round?? Majic??? ;D

My personal feeling, especially with the slow speed camera work showing the flight and impact.......

Ultra subsonic round. Round appears to be 22 short, but I'd bet he handloaded with hardly any powder.  And I think he's actually crazy enough to try it..But that's me..What do you guys think??

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I may be right...

From Wiki..


Actual quote from the Wiki article..

In April, 1980, a magician named Carl Skenes attempted what is the only verified performance of the bullet-catch using a .22 rifle firing actual bullets.[citation needed] Skenes wore a tooth-guard mouthpiece, and then placed a steel box into his mouth. A sharpshooter then fired the bullet into the dime-sized opening at the front of the box. Skenes first performed this stunt in 1980 on the television show That's Incredible, and later performed it on similar shows in Puerto Rico, Japan, and Venezuela. The .22 rifle was mounted onto two gun stands to help keep it steady, and the protective gear and target box he placed into his mouth were put in as part of the performance.[citation needed] David Blaine used this same method with Carl Skenes' assistance in September 2008 as part of the "Dive of Death" special, calling it an effect and an illusion.[5]

Whatever method..You aint going to get this poor Mississippi/Texas boy to do it.. :laugh:

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:bang:  dumb, now you'll get some teenager with his head blown off

Good...Some new candidates for the Darwin awards. Although any new candidates will be hard pressed to beat the guy that played russian roulette, with a fully loaded semi-auto.. ;D

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