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Ruger Mini 14 tactical


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I've began to get the hankering for one of these. I may pull the trigger this weekend. Read nothing but good reviews, but I thought I'd ask you guys thoughts on this before I went out and made the wife happy again... ;D

Experiences??? Thoughts??? How does it compare with the full blown AR platform, if you were just going to have a 223 and you could only choose one? The AR or the mini???

Pretty good deal I think. Around $600.

And this is the exact mini pictured below..


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I've always been some what interested in the Mini-14s, and have shot other peoples on several occassions. The only thing negative I've ever heard was its accuracy at longer range wasn't as good ARs. I don't know if I'd put much credence into the statement since I don't co,pete at long range. Besides I don't use MOA as my standard but MOBG (minute of bad guy).

The stock is the same set-up as the one I have on my 10-22 both made by ATI. There is enough rails to place light, laser and vertical foregrip on it.


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I also have the same gun with a 4-16x50 Nikon on it. No issues as far as accuracy and never a misfire or jam. Granted my AR-15's have an acog 4x32 and a 6-24x50 Nikon on them so it is a little stronger view but not much of a difference for accuracy at 600 and under and never a problem. Great coyote gun.

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Tal I have an '08 580 series (tapered barrel) model. Originally wood stocked 18'' barrel. I installed the ATI tactical stock, shortened the barrel to 16'', threaded the barrel and installed a Phantom flash suppressor; a Propoint red/green dot scope; removed the iron sights; and fabricated an aluminum barrel schroud. With a 30 round mag this rifle is a blast to shoot, and is absolutely lethal. A chest-sized target at 100 yards is NO problem at all. The operating system is tried and true, a 3/4 sized M-14, hence the name. I also camo'd the wooden stock, and switch them back and forth as the mood strikes. An AR is nice, but the mini is an equal arm ,only a different system of design.... :beer:



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Well to me they are two different animals. I say get both. It's what I would do.  ;D

Thanks for the info Rodent... 8) Makes me feel better cause I went ahead and got it...Have yet to shoot it, but it is in my possession. Came stock with the 20 capacity mag..

And thanks Drew...

Since I had yet to take the AR plunge, they had a Bushmaster Carbon 15 flat top with the Bushenell Red dot, 30 round clip...

So I bought them both....Haven't tried either yet but will give and A/B on them probably tomorrow. And while I was at it bought the UMC megapack with 200 rounds for 99.99...

All in all I'm about $1500 lighter and I think I'm going to love both weapons. I know there's better stuff out there..(Believe me...The freakn's salesman showed me.  :laugh:) But seeing as I was new to this whole platform and getting away from my comfort zone  (Revolvers) I figured I could get used to the platforms for the mini and the AR for a decent price, and as time went by either upgrade them or get rid of them in trade or sale...

I will say..I almost blew the whole thing off when I was shown the Ruger Super Red Hawk in 44 mag.  :dance: What a revolver....But I have so many handguns and nothing in that whole mini14/AR, I figured I just had to give them a try...I may be sorry later, but right now I'm loving both weapons..More from the range in the next couple of days..

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All Right!!!!

Still haven't fired them yet. Am waiting on tomorrow, if it will finally quit raining.. I did dissasemble both rifles, Cleaned and Lubed. The Ruger Mini 14 was a breeze. Everything went EXACTLY according to instructions. Smooth as a baby's but now. Can't wait to shoot...

The Bushmaster Carbon 15....

I jacked with this thing about an hour trying to dissassemble the upper from the lower. Even called the seller and I got the same thing I got on the net.

"You sure you have the bolt all the way forward?".

You sure the rear pin is out as far as it will go?"

Move the charging handle back and forth and make sure it's all the way forward"


He told me to bring it by and he would look at it, but try this in the mean time....

"Place Rifle on your knee. Make sure bolt is all the way forward. Remove rear pin out as far as it will go. Now hit the upper with the palm of your hand....HARD..."

Lo and behold...Upper and lower pivoted away.

He told me a common sympton on all NEW AR's.. extremely tight tolerances. Said after a few dissassemblies, and a 1000 rounds or so, it'll fall apart like butter.

Cleaned and dissaseembled, and I have to say trigger, and bolt are smooth as a babies but as well.

The only day I've had to shoot since I bought these weapons was Sunday, and I had to see my parents... Rained every day since then...

Tomorrow's forecast...Rain..Damn...

Friday's forecast..Rain...

Maybe saturday afternoon, or I may get to where I can't stand it, put on a slicker and head out..

Am stoked with the action feel of both weapons as of now..

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Rain today and tomorrow... >:(

Sunday afternoon looks like the day...FINALLY....

I was joking with the salesman as he was writing me up. I quipped to him..

"Is this the buy one get one free sale?".. ;D

Without cracking a smile, he looked me right in the eye, picked up the AR and said...

"You're too young to get a free one of these"...

If you were 18 the marine corp would give you a free one... :laugh:

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My son took out both rifles over the weekend, and had glowing reports. I finally couldn't stand it, packed both up and lugged them to the Arms Room in League City tonight...

The Ruger and the Bushmaster are some of the most fun weapons I've ever fired. Both performed flawlessly. I put around 100 rounds through each, and the fun factor is way up there. I will say, if I had it to do over, as far as the Bushmaster, I would have opted for the steel sites rather than the bushnell red dot. Both flavors of the carbon 15 were available at the same price, but I figured the mini already had iron sites, so I went with the Red Dot on the Bushmaster..I mean it's cool and everything but and after you tweak it I was getting great groupings. But I don't think there's that much of an advantage over the iron, and with iron you don't have to worry about battery life...

As far as the Arms room range. 1st class operation, great ventalation, grated floors, electronic target setters, but with a 1st class price. But I finally got to shoot my rifles. Unfortunately the indoor rifle range is only 25 yards, so even though I got to shoot them, I don't feel like I gave them a real workout.

Still on the hunt down here for a nice outdoor range while I'm still waiting for Pearland Shooting Club to start accepting new members. I've heard about the Clear Creek Gun Range, but it's all bad. Any of you Houston members ever shot there????

I shoot my pistols at a little range in South Houston, Marksmen, and while older than hell, nice folks...They just don't allow you to shoot rifles.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun, and can't wait to try both rifles out on a 100 yard range in the future.

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  • 2 weeks later...

After another trip to the range this weekend, with both rifles, I still wasn't too happy with the scope mount on the Bushnell to the Bushmaster...Scope just sat too close to the rail. Made you put your head on the stock, while aiming..

Checked around and started thinking about scope risers...To my surprise there were 2 in the case...(DOH!!)

A word to the wise..

I fiddled with these risers about an hour and could never get them to tighten up on the rail.

Called the seller, told him I may have the wrong size risers..

He said bring it back and he'd take a look at it, but in the mean time you might want to call Bushmaster support...Which I did..

Got this tired sounding guy on the phone, and he says "Yep...I get this call ALL the Time....You can send it back to here and I'll tighten them for you or you can try it again...And this time TIGHTEN them..."

I said okay..I'm thinking..."Hell I tightened them so much last night I thought I was going to break the allen wrench.."..Anyway gave it a go..

And this time I did TIGHTEN them..All of a sudden they tightened up, remounted scope, love the new sight picture.. And the mount is solid as a rock..Now back to the range to re-site in... :grin:

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