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Has Courtesy Died in the USA


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Took my wife to lunch today, she is still on crutches from her surgery. As we were leaving the hostess hustle to open the door for her and this man cuts across in front of her to get in before she goes through the door. Of course my fiesty redheaded wife says something and he did mumble a lame apology about not seeing her , she later told me he was looking right at her. So I get her out, into the truck and the man, his wife and 3 small kids come back outside to wait for a table and the guys wife flips us off in front of her children. In the past I would have gotten out and had my say, but age, wisdom and the fact that I carry a gun has really tempered my flashpoint.

I know I'm old fashioned and would always allow a women through a door first, much less one on crutches, and I don't make  rude gestures in front of women and kids. So I hope the cook burnt their food, the kids trip grandma while visiting this weekend and flip off grandpa  when he tells them to leave the crydstal alone, maybe just maybe they'll remember today.

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you and your bride acted in a proper manner, common courtesy knows no social or racial bounds....I don't think good manners are dying in class people, but it sure seems like a lot of trash is afoot. Some people should be forcibly STERILISED- you obviously ran into a pair that were missed....  :dance:

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The thing that really sucks, those peoples' ignorance won't die with them, since they're obviously passing it on to their kids.  There's another generation of jerks in training.

Truer words have never been stated ... a whole new generation of disrespectful, ill-mannered people are being raised/bred by the current parents that have no values. Makes me sad and angry at the same time.

Good on you for not losing it asmurff ... admirable to not waste your time taking out the "trash"!

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