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Colt M16 broken already :(


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I only have ~100 rounds through my new Colt M16 SPR and it's already acting up.

Everything was going great sighting in the scope and the recoil on the last shot felt different. I looked inside and it had failed to eject the case, and tried to load the next round into the back side of the un-cleared case. I cleared the round and didn't think much of it. The next few rounds all sounded / felt different, the smoke was coming out from around the bolt after firing as well. I decided to quit shooting until I could figure out what was going on.

When I was packing up my rifle I noticed the bolt looked different and a "pin" had fallen out. I looked at the exploded diagram but could not definitely say which part it was. I think it goes on the front of the bolt. See Pictures. (also, I know it's filthy right now but I haven't cleaned it since shooting earlier today)

Any suggestions on what to do (besides call Umarex)?

This happened to anybody else before?

Can anybody better explain what exactly this pin is for or why the recoils felt different?



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Welcome to the forum, and truly sorry about your luck! It looks like your extractor is broken. The part in the second picture is called a "bolt", and is part of the extractor. (Part # 45 & 46) The recoils felt different because the slide was just blowing back, and not extracting the just fired brass. This is the first broken extractor that I have heard of.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.


Just out of curiosity, what kind of ammunition were you using?

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Sorry I meant to say 100 rounds out of a fresh box. So the gun has seen ~650 rounds. Still too early for a failure though.

Ammo being used is the Remmington Golden Bullet .22 (550 bonus pack).

This was the first ever failure in the ~650 rounds fired. All others worked great.

Could it be I didn't have the velocity adjust screw in far enough?

How hard will it be to repair the broken piece?

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Very disapointed...

I called umarex and explained the problem. The rep gave me a return instruction email. Once I read through the email instructions I noticed it said they can't do any work on the m16/m4 that ship back to MN as it is illegal to own?!? 

I called back to confirm this and umarex said it was true. Even though every MN gun dealer (including the colt dealer in MN that I bought it at) has their walls lined with ARs, Colt thinks it is illegal to ship me my gun back after any warranty work is done.

Their only two options?

1) Wait the 4 week backorder for the parts, then send me the parts to fix it myself ( hoping that there isn't anything else wrong as I'm new to diagnosing problems with this rifle)

2) after warranty work is done ship it to somebody else in another state and go pick it up.

/long sigh...


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That, is weird. I would ask the dealer you bought it from to return it for you, then the getting it back should be no problem. I would also be calling the Dept. of Justice or what ever it is called in your state to ask for a clarification on the law - even states like Kalifornia that have draconian gun laws usually exempt .22lr firearms.  :confused:

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So I called the dealer where I bought my M16 and they were also a little "wtf" about it all. They believe the rep at colt was incorrect and are going to get in contact with them directly for me.

The umarex guy did put me on hold to double check with somebody and came back with the answer of "if it has a flash suppressor it can't be sold in MN" (incorrect).

From the colt return form:


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Weird.  How then are they selling these supposedly illegal to own rifles through dealers?  According to Colt's website, their main site and not the one for our M4 .22s, they now sell AR platform rifles that are, so they claim, 50 state legal.  (using the bullet button)

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