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Stoeger Shotguns


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I've started looking at over/under shotguns. Which would be used for Sporting Clays and such. I like what I see in the CZ Canvasback and Mossberg Silver Reserve Field. The Stoeger Condor looks interesting but I know little about their guns, but the more I read they seem good. Anyone with experience good or bad.

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Stoeger is ok for a low-cost shotgun, but will NEVER be on par with CZ, Weatherby or Browning.

In my opinion CZ makes some of the finest firearms to ever be made. Their sporting shotguns are museum quality, and smoking gorgeous.

If CZ is good enough for Tom Knapp....its good enough for the rest of us.

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I have no shooting experience with CZ, Mossberg or Stoeger doubles but have handled them.

bdavison is correct, CZ beats the other two in appearance hands down.

My experience with Sporting Clays and 5-Stand tells me I need:

Over and Under

Single selective trigger

Barrel selector

28" maximum barrel length

Screw in choke tubes

Auto ejectors (although others prefer lifters only)

And of course the most important and most difficult attribute to achieve, proper fit.

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Stoeger has the corner on the short barreled double shotguns. Quick handling in the woods without worry as to weather you might scratch your high gloss finished stocks. That same quick handling makes it good for home defense also. Stoeger has been around quite some time now. Two of my buddies love the way they handle and haven't had a hiccup in their performance. I love side by sides and have been loathing the day I let loose of my dads Winchester (24?). I'd like to fill in that gap with a coach gun, maybe one with a english stock. Stoegers are not the fanciest shotguns but they have a reputation for holding up in the field. Cowboy competition has been a boom for the lil coach guns too. I've seen used ones in good shape at good prices. Boils down to what you are going to use it for. I'll have one in due time.

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Well it has become a moot point. After my initial excitement at actually hitting a few clay at the orientation/clinic I finally got around to doing the number crunching. To shoot the full monthly match it would cost me more than $110, or $55 for just the morning session. With everything going through the roof price wise, I guess I'll have to skip the sporting clays. My Tactical Rimfire matches only run me at the most $23 and that is using CCI Mini-Mags, Federal 22lr less than $13. I may do it occasionally or on my own just to build the skill, but a $35 per 100 clays it is a bit rich for someone on a fixed income.

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