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MarkIII Hunter first impressions


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This pistol is a HOT item right now. I looked 3 days online for a new one that wasn't priced at full retail. Bud's had it listed as the Target Model, which it is, but normally called the Hunter. $659.00 retail, Bud's had it for $488.00, shipping included. I ordered it Sunday the 22nd and it was at my FFL Wednesday morning! This pistol was test fired at Ruger the 3rd of THIS month. Ruger is running full blast, all the major distributors are out of stock on everything except the polymer pistols. The pistol presents itself well, heft and balance is superb, as all Mark pistols are. The fluted bull barrel really sets this gun off, the sights have interchangeable colored inserts that I really like. The stainless frame matches the barrel well, the finish work and markings are clean. I wasn't sure I would care for the 1/2 checkered grips, but they look good and are very comfortable. Of course the shooting will hafta wait 'til title is transferred, but June will be here before long.LOL This pistol has the red eagle on both sides.


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Took almost two years to find the Ruger Mark III Hunter version I was looking for, but I did finally find one:


This one has had the magazine disconnect removed and a new hammer bushing installed and then the "loaded chamber indicator" has been replaced with a solid steel replacement filler. 

If anyone here owns a Ruger Mark III pistol, I would recommend that they inspect the firing pin stop pin in their bolt. Ruger doesn't make many of the small parts involved with these pistols, and they farm out most of that work to local "job shops" that do that job. For a short period of time, Ruger substituted the solid style firing pin stop pin for a much shorter slotted roll pin. That pin, when positioned incorrectly in the bolt will collapse from the constant contact of the hardened firing pin. The cause of that will provide a ding in the breech face:


These dings are not easily fixed and will hinder both chambering of rounds and extraction:


If you do find a "split pin" in your Mark III bolt, I'd recommend that you replace it ASAP.

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