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Shooting in the heat


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No not yet, the club hopes to in the future. I have a patio umbrella with stand I take, it has an adjustable angle so I can get it to block the sun no matter what time I go. During the summer I often go as early as 7 to beat the heat.

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Summer is almost here. 

Summer in Texas:  6 weeks when the temperature is at or over 100 every day,  might fall to 90 or even a little less for a couple of hours just before sunrise.

Cold,  wet,  Summer in Texas (and often 'Summer' in Houston):  Temperature is only 97 or 98 because the humidity is also 97 or 98-  (need scuba gear to breathe);  two to four thunderstorms (15 minutes each) between Memorial Day and Labor Day. (Does not cool at night!).

Take a B-100 vitamin pill every day.  Good for your heart and circulatory system.  It is a decent mood stabilizer to help with stress of the hot days.  Most mosquitoes hate the smell and taste and won't bite-  really important on the Gulf Coast!

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