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Another crazy week


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Tuesday I had a vet appointment scheduled for my cat Molly. Monday morning I had to change the appoint so I can bring a different cat, Pumpkin. Get home from the vet start cooking my supper when the old lady calls. Her mom who was scheduled for a doctors appointment was sent to the ER. She had been keeping mum on some issues. Off to the hospital we go. Mom is a dabetic with high blood pressure. Her BP was 230 over something. So we have a rough night. They get that under control. We wake up Wednesday feeling a bit funny.  By the end of the day she had a full bore summer cold. I dont feel great but Im not down for the count. Thursday I take a personal day to bring a stray cay to a mobile vet for a low cost neuter. Feel worse than the previous day but still not down and out. It was nice to take a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day though. Friday we get a 2 hour monsoon with flash flooding everywhere. water coming in my apt, basement/woodshop flooded. Saturday, as I type this another round of mini monsoon.

This coming week, molly's trip to the vet, and some tough decisions about Pumpkin. 

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