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Just drew my revolver on a guy.


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A scruffy looking man on a bicycle just came into the shop and proceeded to reach into his front pocket and draw out a loaded Taurus .38spl revolver.

When he looked up he was staring at my S&W 340PD .357mag pointing directly at his chest.

He was surprised and asked if I was going to shoot him.

I said I was thinking about it.

He wanted to pawn his revolver but wanted too much.

I reprimanded him telling him he should expect to be shot whenever he draws a handgun unannounced and that in the future he should bring it into the shop unloaded in a bag if he intends to display it.

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me and how stupid some folks can be.

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Did he have brown pants ? Well hes a moron for pulling a gun in a store,well I wound have liked to seen his face when he looked up. At the end of it all be could have been trying to rob you but changed his mind when you had him in your sights. Atleast you get to go home tonight  :thumb:

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