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Christmas for my son finished....


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As confusing as the age of 19 can be, I do know one thing about my son. He loves to shoot, and has been drooling over a traditional deer rifle and scope setup for a couple of years. I am one of those parents who is in the unfortunate position of having one of their children born right at Christmas. (His Birthday is the 23rd)...Also this year he has been invited to go deer hunting with his buddies. I was just going to loan him my old Remington 7400 Semi in 30-06, But I wanted to get him his own rifle and make it special for him.

So I have been spending a lot of time checking out a nice entry level rifle for him that wouldn't break the bank but a good rifle/scope combination....I actually went out shopping and looked at a lot of different models. but the rifle I chose for him was the Ruger American in 30-06. I purchased a Burris Full Field 3-9x40 scope, ruger steel scope rings, Harris Bi-Pod, Bone Killer strap and Case. I didn't buy it all in one place but looked around for deals on each individual piece. I wound up spending around $650 for the whole rig.

I have not assemble all the pieces. I figured that would be part of the excitement for him come Christmas. It looks like a really nice setup to me that anyone would be proud to own and pass down. True it's not that Weatherby Mark4 300 WSM, but I'm pretty sure he'll be proud of it and I know I will be to present it to him...

Here's a pic I found on the Net of basically the same rifle and set up.

He's getting old enough where there wont be too many more times I get to watch him go crazy on Christmas, so I'm looking forward to this one.


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I hear you guys...I finally had to wrap the rifle, scope, and all the accessories and have my wife hide it....

I started to think..."Has that kid really been that good? Damn..I can see me shooting that thing".. ;D

Just kidding.. It'll be worth it to see his face. 8)

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