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Holy crap!!


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Out of curiousity I got online last night and looked at the places I've bought guns and ammo in the past; Davidson's, Buds, Ammonet, Lucky Gunner, Ammo To Go. At Davidson's the only rifles they had in .223 were H&R single shots, and some Ruger and Howa bolt actions, even these if they were the least bit tactical looking were gone also. Buds not a single semiautomatic .223 to be found. Most of the ammo dealers were out of bulk .223 completely and only had a few 20rd boxes of odd bullet weights. The .308 was the same way, forget any 7.62x51 surplus.

At that point I quit looking depression was setting in.

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I went to the nearist walmart to me and the whole shelf of 22 was gone even the remington golden bullets and most of the display was empty. I wont be buying from cheaper than dirt anymore either

Hit 3 Walmarts, 2 Academy's this week..Not a single 22LR on the shelf. It really starts you thinking when shooting at the range. "I wonder If I can actually replace this round I just shot?". :confused:

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It seems we could easily blame those in our own ranks for this problem. The government hasn't had to legislate ANYTHING, we have done it to ourselves!! No guns, no ammo, no magazines, just greed, panic, and GOUGING! Who is our REAL enemy??

It's largely not our ranks, dude.  It's the ones who never have been involved but now know they may never get the chance.  I personally haven't bought hardly anything since this panic buying started.


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When I referred to "our own ranks", I meant anyone other than the "government" itself. Gun/ammo dealers, manufacturers and consumers. The consumers for going into "panic-mode" on a GRAND scale, and the manufacturers/dealers, gun shows, etc. for capitalizing on this terrible situation, again on a GRAND SCALE. Free enterprise at work? Or GREED?

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I am guessing a bit of everything. But I also think it is people / companies that have millions of $ tied up in inventory that may become illegal to own or sell this week. I think it is in large part - sell everything while we can and see what happens next.

I am like Mad - had a few things on order in November, but no panic buying. I do have two rifle kits on order, but I do not know if I will ever see them. Spent the last 4 years divesting of all my "odd ball" guns - guns that use an exotic or non main stream ammunition. I am set up to reload for everything in my inventory except rim fire of course.

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Some things we have no control over like .223 as an example .  The government has given huge contracts to all the major manufacturers.  This has been a problem that started to show itself even before CT.

With Obama, it is like healthcare.  He kept pushing the propaganda machine, i.e, MSNBC until he finally got what he wanted. 

Fast and Furious didn't work out quite the way he intended, so he sat back and waited for another opportunity.

I like most Americans believe this guy will not stop until he gets what he wants.  Hard to blame the gun community for trying to cover their a*ses.

I was basically a commited AK-47 guy.  Having used the M16 when I was in the military, I would have rather have had the old M14.

Now because of this I now own a Sig M400 and a Bushmaster.

I also was inspired to buy my new H&K 416, but that one was a surprise.  I love this rifle and having just spent $56 for an extra magazine didn't make me happy, but it shoots fantastic.

The .22LR makes sense to me.  I would think that it would go faster than all the others.  Who among us can afford to shoot @ $1 a bullet. 

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lol...just keep stocking...shoot a little buy a little...

that was the first brick I have seen in a store since x-mass, and the one I got while x-mass shopping was only because the guy who cleaned out every thing on the shelf just before I was reaching for one was generous enough to hand one over lol!

  Since X-mas, Have been in at least three different Wal Marts, Multiple times, at least 4 different sporting good stores, again a few of those, multiple times and the two local gun shops near by, multiple times.

  One box of 375 cci mini mags, and the brick of Remington's, both from the local stores ( 1 each) and the guy I got the Remington's from only allows the purchase of one brick/bulk pack at a time

Spoke to a clerk at a Wal Mart last Sunday, he stated, stocking orders come in in the middle of the night, 22lr are gone with in a hour of the pallet hitting the floor.

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