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What's your best guess?


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It seems that the Obama gang is not letting up on the attack to rid America of Assault weapons.  What I personally believe is that high cap mags are an almost absolute.  Witness this from our friends at Cheaper Than Dirt.....http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/MAG-074

I have a chance of picking up 2 more Bushmaster AR15's for around $800 each.  I have already spent 50% of my retirement on Rifles, Magazines and Ammo since this thing has started.  Even though I already have a Sig M400 and a Bushmaster (dressed out with about $450 of accessories).

What does the gang here feel is coming?  Ban on Guns - Ban on Mags - Massive Tax on Ammo?

Would like to hear some of your thoughts.

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CTD is a bunch of aholes. They started this crap in December.  Not sure how far the feds will get but the biggest threats seem to be from the states themselves. I live in CT, we have had an AWB since 93 though you would never know it listening to them talk. Because we already have strict laws they are beyond insane atm.  Everything from, taxes, liabilty insurance, 5 rounds, storing at secure locations, destroying of prebans and turning in of mags.

Unfortunately we have very few pro gun politicians. CT gun owners are probably the most screwed in the nation.

My current position is they can go fuck themselves. I was compliant in 93 I wont be again.

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I do not see a federal ban happening again. Too many dems remember 1994. Plus, the NRA is fighting like I have never seen them fight before. I have been sending a sizable portion of my monthly gun budget to NRA & ILA. Plus sending 1 year gift memberships to gun folk that have not been political. Hopefully they will read something in the mags that will get them motivated. Just starting to get involved at the state level - NRA affiliated clubs are your state's Rifle & Pistol associations, send 'em $10. </soap box>

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I think all these bill can be defeated, but we have to stay on our law makers, supporitng and backing those who oppose the bans, and letting the liberals know 2014 is coming real soon. Many of us are facing possible new state as well as the federal attempts at banning or restricting guns. Write letter or e-mails, call when necessary but whatever stay engaged in the fight.

As far as CTD goes I'll never buy anything from them again and I hope they go under. Isn't price gouging during an emergency a crime, well I think this is an emergency.

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I quit buying from CTD when they went to multiple warehouses and started charging me multiple shipping charges on a single order, because items in the order were stocked in multiple locations.

+1 on keeping our local pols in line. Drew, you can always move, I did in 2001. SO glad to be out of california and it's 1000 new laws every year. Lots of great fishing here in Ohio.

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Absolutely nothing will happen, besides this temporary panic at the retail level. Went by my local Academy last night, on the off chance they might have some 22lr. No luck. But there was a young lady buying a S&W 22. Even though she had NO ammo, and the store had NO ammo. She bought it anyway , just to have it. Go figure.. I guess she's going to use it as a club :confused:

Most of the politicians know this is a single deciding issue for most gun owners. Infringe on my 2nd amemendment rights and I'll vote you out. Don't care about Gay Rights, women in the military, affirmative action, etc.. but do not mess with my constitutional rights, as guaranteed by my forefathers.

I listened to David Petzal on the radio this morning. Refreshing..(One of Field and Streams "The Gun Nuts")

His feeling on Governor Cuomo's end run around the legisltaure from his blog at F&S.

By David E. Petzal

Among state legislatures, New York’s ranks among the worst. For general sloth and indolence it is excelled by few, and for corruption, its only equal is probably Illinois. However, several weeks ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo (“Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste.â€) galvanized this curious bunch of life forms into passing what he proudly calls the strictest gun law in the United States, albeit he did it by circumventing the normal legislative process, and there’s a chance it will be struck down by the courts. But in the meanwhile, residents of the Empire State are stuck with its grotesque provisions.

Among them are some real howlers, such as the one that allows owners of 10-shot magazines to hang on to them, but forbids loading them with more than 7 rounds. As we are well aware, a gun with 7 shots in the magazine is not a menace to public safety, but one with 10 shots is. And I have no doubt that the next lunatic on the way to his way to a massacre will be careful to load no more than 7 cartridges into whatever firearm he has on hand.

But the really interesting part of this mess concerns the disposition of the many rifles now classified as assault weapons. Their owners must register them with the police (I believe it is the State Police.) by April 14, 2014. I’ve heard that there are a million ARs in New York State, and that the figure may be 3 million, although that seems high. In any event, there are a lot, and a great many of them are untraceable.

So the question arises, what if hardly anyone registers their ARs? Let us say the April 14 deadline arrives, and 2,037 people have complied with the law. Or 10,132. This means the gun-owning public has flipped off the Governor, and the Gun Law. What then does Governor Cuomo do about it? He could order the police (Local? State?) to visit the homes of all known gun owners, and if an AR happens to be present, charge them with a misdemeanor and probably confiscate the rifle. But then, what does this do about the hundreds of thousands of untraceable guns?

The complications that would arise from police visits and confiscations are wonderful to contemplate—thousands and thousands of previously upstanding citizens would be processed through the courts, fined, and possibly jailed. The effect on Governor Cuomo’s political career would not be good. He reportedly has presidential ambitions, and a record as the politician who ordered gun confiscation would not be helpful.

Massive noncompliance is a very real possibility. Canada’s sweeping gun law of 1995 was a dismal failure because people simply ignored it; this in a country with far fewer people and far fewer guns. Governor Cuomo has a hell of a choice to make a year from now. He may have to either admit that his law has failed, or go ahead and enforce it and take the political consequences.

Of course he was not one of the invited "Ones" when the Biden witchhunt was going on. As he said he was attending the SHOT show in Vegas and was too busy anyway, ducking all the mass murderers, rapists, racists and assorted criminals at the show. Which of course, as he pointed out is the majority of the gun owning public. (Tongue firmly in cheek while he was talking)..

Great guy and a great sense of humor.

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I do hope you are right.  What bothers me the most is our Presidents persistence when he decides to move on an issue.  I have even seen polls from Fox news that indicate 56% of the public think a ban on assault weapons is a good idea, and over 75% believe in removing high cap mags, i.e 30 rd AR15.

He is also a President that is teflon coated.  If you simply look at Fast~n~Furious as an example, a deliberate propaganda action resulting in the death of a US boarder guard, nothing and I mean nothing has touched him.  Sure it was on the news, but where is the outrage? 

The way he forced the healthcare bill down our throats is reason that I feel he simply will not let it go away.  He has nothing to lose being a 2nd term President. 

If there is one more incident, either made up or real, he will take this and run to the field goal. 

I pray that there are enough people who will stand up against this with more energy than the healthcare bill, but I believe it's the youth that hold the cards.  Too many have lost their grasp on knowledge, what are rights truly are and absorbed with iphones and other electronic garbage distracting them from politics.  I feel they simply follow what the propaganda machine tells them to think.  I cannot state this with any authority, but less kids are being brought up with firearms in their lives.  Much different when I was a kid with less distractions.  I could be wrong,  and I pray that I am, but I do know from people in education that they are being moved to the left way of thinking.

Again, I hope for all our sakes that you are right and me wrong.

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For the most part the non shooting public and politicians does not grasp the function of weapons and as I keep saying all they know they learn from movies and the media. Unfortunately that works against us.

The antis would have people believe that shooting from the hip with a high capacity magazine is the most devastating death tool known to man. Bullets magically find their target and cut the victim in half. If a weapon is black it is even more lethal.

This was posted at 308ar.com

I could not help but chuckle at how this is the liberals worst nightmare
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