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The President's Shotgun


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There is a picture on MSN news as this is written (5:30 PM Central,  USA,  2-2-2013) of the US President firing a shotgun.  Does anyone recognize the brand and/or model of the shotgun?

It is interesting that to me it appears to be a semi-auto.  The stock is carved so it has what is commonly called a pistol grip?  It would be very very interesting to know if there is a plug in the magazine tube to limit the number of shells. 

After that,  the plume of smoke going vertical ---  a compensator or compensating port to limit muzzle rise?

The Liberals and the Lady Senator from California must love that shotgun and the photo.  All the features they are decrying when those features are present in the guns in the hands of the general population.

Beyond that,  our POTUS is left-handed?

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That gun is just like the owner - blows smoke.

Edited to add... I only have 3 shotguns, 2 pumps and a semi, all 12's. My Sweetie has a nice O/U also in 12. I have never ever seen a shotgun waft smoke like a tea kettle before. And in two different directions at the same time. Not to over analyze, but just what is that at the top muzzle? Surely that is not the shot column. I do remember that as a young'un, I had several cap guns that would blow smoke about like obama's picture. He's all tensed up, and there doesn't seem to be any recoil. At all. WTF?

Edited yet once again - A Browning 425 does have vents or ports on the right side....

Copied from another site - "My guess is there is a BFA (blank firing adapter) in the end of the barrel and he is shooting a blank. Which explains the smoke."    And I add - lack of recoil. His teleprompter told him how to shoot it.

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If we accept that it really is the POTUS,  then it may be an over-under or it might be a semi-auto.  What is the brass colored thing at the muzzle of the upper tube?  Or is that a trap for a blank so there is no accidental projectile/severe ejecta?  If it is a blocking device,  the plume of smoke going up would be explained as being from a relief port.

This may be a pic of the only time this POTUS has ever actually had a gun of any kind in his hands,  let alone fired one.  Propaganda to calm the nerves of the pro-gun folk?  Comments in another forum/following the news release asked why he is shooting toward the horizon when shooting skeet needs to be pointing the shotgun high toward the sky?

When the pic was released,  the WH staff warned about not to do photoshopping with it.  ???

If the rubber butt pad on the shotgun in the pic is recoil-suppressing,  it might not be bad to shoot.  The Limbsaver pads I put on my 308 Win and 7 MM RM bolt-action rifles take away almost all the felt recoil.  The Rem 700 in 7 MM RM was too intense through a T-shirt to be fired more than once in a blue moon.  Now,  with the Limbsaver (this is NOT an endorsement:  the pads work for me;  the pads do not fit my rifles quite perfectly,  on the {vintage 1970's} 7 MM it is an atrocious misfit [!!!!] ;  Your Mileage May Vary---  a lot!!) pads I use there is either no felt recoil at all or very little.  I have not fired my shotgun since the Limbsaver was installed on it.

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I'll say this if he shouldered a 12ga shotgun like that he'd liley dislocate something. When we have to shoot weak hand in our Tactical .22 matches, I have to put my 10/22 that far out and high on my shoulder to clear my pacemaker. I would never try doing so with a shotgun or my .308.

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First, only a newb would shoot trap with a skeet gun. Second, he obviously sucks if he is shooting near level, as he missed the apex, and is late to the draw. Third....I dont even think thats a shotgun, it looks like a PCP rifle to me. There is a chinese company called ShinSung, that makes precharged pneumatic shotguns, and that looks like one of them. Nevermind, on second thought that is a Citori....the XS Skeet I think.

And why does he only have one barrel choked?

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