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warning to prospective boyfriends of my daughter


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Hell my baby girl is 38 now, she really looks about 20. She truly IS the apple of her daddy's eye...  I ALWAYS was cleaning pistols when the boyfriends picked her up, and when they came home I would be shining another one. I was real friendly with them but I could tell their blood would run cold when I had the blue steel in my hands, shining and smiling. >:D It really helps when they think you are a total crazy SOB, with a friendly smile on your face.


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True Story.

My house has a loft that over looks my living room and from that loft I have a full view of the front door. Up in my loft is a family heirloom double barrel Baker shotgun (pretty cool old shotgun with a very low serial number)

Any way, about 7 years ago, A young man comes through my front door, from the loft I ask him, are you the boy dating my daughter? he answers yes sir, I raise the shot gun up over the ledge and state, I have a gun and a vantage point....

didn't work, he is now my son in law!

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