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MY 1st Shotty


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My wife has decided she wants a tactical shotgun so my target .22 project is on hold for now,  iam looking in to buying a remmington 870 express for her birthday and dressing it up for her, you have given me some food for thought on your build please post some photos when its finished  :thumb:

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Ok got the first wave of goodies for the new shotty. Install was a breeze (after machining out the apparently mil-spec stock to fit a commercial buffer tube).

Anyway this setup feels great but accessing the action bar lock isn't exactly organic. Have to reach quite a bit from the pistol grip to release it. Here are some pics to see the results.

Will be ordering the last few external upgrades in a few weeks. Then I'll move on to a few basic internal upgrades like an aluminum follower and stiffer spring.

Pics to follow :grin:



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On ar15 stock parts there is a difference between mil-spec and commercial sizes...

Yeah I know. I decided to use the original sliding buttstock from my M&P 15-22 on the rem870 and thought the 15-22 was commercial. Well as it turns out it is mil-spec so when I bought a commercial buffer tube to install on the rem870 pistol grip adapter, it didn't fit. Milled out the center of the old sliding stock from the 15-22 and now it fits the commercial tube just fine.

The funny thing is I replaced the original "mil-spec" sliding stock on the 15-22 with a commercial MOE stock and it fits nicely. So apparently the 15-22 integrated stock tube is a bit larger than a true Mil-spec tube, but smaller than a commercial tube.

Anyway it looks and works great now. 

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Just ordered the S&J hardware delrin follower http://sjhardware.com/store/modules.php?name=catalog&file=product_info&cPath=107_123&products_id=348off of the unmentionable online auction site. Just $15 with free shipping. If ordered from the S&J site they charge $14 just for the shipping.

After more online research I've decided to get the  Black Aces Quad rail instead of the Aim Sports one because its almost half the weight. 14oz Vs. 25oz. Plus some of the reviews for the Aim Sports rail claimed the rails sharp edges were pretty hard on the hands.

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Well, as usual, I couldn't leave things alone and decided to change up the rem 870.

I removed the Black aces quad rail and installed the UAG saddle scope mount from amazon


But then I figured what the hell lets try Cerakote. So i Cerakoted it OD green. Next added the Sightmark red dot.

Love how it turned out.


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