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Tomorrow is Willa and my 7 wedding anniversary. We went out today to a BBQ place called "County Line". She order a whole rack of ribs, thinking they were Chili's size baby-back ribs, nope these could have been used to tip over Fred Flintstones car at the drive-up. I had a combo platter after swearing the waiter to secrecy if my cardiologist called. Yum yum, brisket, beef and pork rib, peppered turkey and sausage. The restaurant sits in the foothill of the Sandia mountain and overlooks all of Albuquerque, beautiful view if you like browns and tans  >:D

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Happy anniversery, and your cardioligist if he's like mine, will tell you..."Go ahead and eat all that stuff. I got another kid fixing to start college" ;D

Asmurff...Have you taken the cable car to the to of the Sandia's? Great restaraunt up there, though a bit pricey, and the view is priceless. On a clear day you can see all the way to Santa Fe.

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I ate at High Finance years ago, when I came here for a job interview, can't say I was impressed. They are the second most expensive restaurant in the Albuquerque area, Cattleman's Club has it beat price wise. When I did tours people complain all the time about High Finance, so I stopped recommending it, and would recommend County Line (just down the from the tram station and Sandiago's which was at the tram station and serves Coastal Mexican food.

Haven't been up there in since then, my wife is afraid of heights.

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