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thinking of dad today


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years ago a close family friend gave a rifle similar to this one to my father. my father hunted with it for years and passed it on to me when I was in my teens, the hunting bug really never took hold but I always cherished that old rifle, unfortunately back in the mid 90's it was lost to a home burglary.

I saw this one in a store last Friday, picked it up and could not let it go. Although it can never replace what has been lost, it can serve as a representative of something very precious now missing.... just thought I would share this today


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The original Enfield was Sportized probably a little over 42-45 years ago, it been so many years I struggle to remember its features no less what it was like before my father had it sporterized.

  This one being a sporty already was attractive, my missing 303 had a scope, a couple of inches cut off the barrel and I think the stock had been cut down a little and a recoil pad added. I do remember before being sporterized it had a compass mounted in the stock, I just recently learned that that was something somebody probably did to replace the the armorers tag.  I do remember being disappointed that the compass had been removed and the hole filled when dad had it sporterized. lol..the things we thought were important when we were little kids!

I had looked at several different Enfields recently, never realizing before that there were so many variants, I could be wrong, but this one seemed the closest to what I remembered (beyond the sporterization). The safety is right, the receiver band seems right, the rear of the bolt is smooth and I am pretty sure the one I had, had serrations on it. It was tagged a No4 Mk 1 and is stamped that also!  it shows 1944 I want to think my original one was a 1944 also, but I can not remember for sure.!







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Thats a nice looking clean no4 you have there sir and have the leaf sight as well. Are you going to relaod or buy ammo for it. If your going to relaod pm i i reload for mine  i found a few pit falls when i relaoded for it. Also it probibly wouldnt hurt to get it head spaced my no4 needs a trip to the gunsmith as the headspace is slighy generious and needs a shim silver soldered to the bolt face yo avoid case rupture again.

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Thank you for the comments! I have never reloaded, might get around to that some day!

So mostly when I do take it out it will be some type of off the shelf ammo.

  I have been doing some work for a Smith/Builder so I will get some pointers on how to check and deal with the head space! As time allows I have had a desire to learn a little smithing so chances are, I would take the work on myself!...if I could find the time! lol have a few projects I am wanting to try my hand at!

Have not shot it yet, but checked out a club with a 100 yard range that was close buy over the weekend, will probably take it there if I get a break in the work schedule!

Not comfortable shooting anything high powered on the personal shooting area I have been working on...still needs a lot more bullet stop. What I have, I feel pretty good about shooting 22's and have a short distance hole that works well for hand guns. just think I have more work to do to deal with higher energy rounds.

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