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I finally got to go shooting today


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I finally got to shoot my remington 700 sps tactical in .223 the weather couldn't have been better the sun was shining and not even a breeze  I spent the time to break the barrel cleaning it after each shotfor the first five shots then cleaning after every five rounds for the next 50 rounds (I don't know if it works or not but its worth the try. Iam am really impressed with how acurate this rifle is I can't wait to shoot it again.


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Glad to see you got to go. I finally got to go yesterday.  Just had a great time. Put a 100 rounds through my gold cup and my son, who just turned 21, got his brand new Ruger Vaquero and cowboy fast draw shooting rig, and popped off about 200 rounds of 45LC.

I had more fun watching him than actually shooting. He's been looking at that Vaquero a year and been waiting for his 21st birthday. He got the exact model his hero "Cisco Kid" shoots, and I had a real hoot watching him in his cowboy get up and drawing from the hip. BTW....That Vaquero is THE sweetest revolver I have ever shot. I watched him take it out of the case, one handed, draw from the hip and come within 4 inches of center at 20 yards. And then he got better. Even with my shaky hands and bad eyes, the vaquero makes me much better shooter than I am.

I'm jealous ;D

Of course that night I was cleaning the gold cup and the recoil spring plug went flying somewhere. I had to backorder one from Brownells in brushed SS. I went ahead and ordered a bright SS so I could at least shoot it. BUT...I still had a blast!!!

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