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Global Warming


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Well, Tuesday was in the high 40's, I finally got the outdoor Christmas lights down & put away - they had been encased in icicles since January. I actually worked outside a bit.

Currently getting hammered by yet one more snow storm - 6 to 8 inches by tonight. At least I didn't put the snow blower away.


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Every storm this winter went to the north of here, and we've been in 50-60 for the last two months. However, we were already in an extreme draught, and the lack of snow pack is just going to make it worse. The fire crews are already prepping for a bad forest fire season, which starts in March with the winds.

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Good luck with your fire season! This part of Ohio used to be called The Great Black Swamp. Nothing burns here. (Not really, but seems that way) We had a level 3 snow emergency Wednesday, received 7-8 inches of white stuff. Today, it should be in the 40's and we are now in a flood warning.  :o

30's in Florida??? Gasp..

Was never in Spokane, was in Seattle once while in the Navy. I remember that the bars were very nice. Beer was cold & wet.  :beer:

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