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Nope. It was a very confusing time for the CMP, Clinton had just been elected. I had passed my FBI background check, the CMP had cashed my check, but they said it might be a year or more before I received my rifle, due to "outside influences". I contacted my US congressman, and the rifle was delivered several weeks later.

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Hey Smurf, just as an FYI, I put one of THESE in my M1, and recommend all M1 owners consider getting & installing one. If it saves just one "M1 thumb" it's worth it. Believe me. I think it does disqualify your rifle from certain stock competitions  if you plan on that, but for range use, hunting, ect it's the way to go. And it's not a permanent mod, you can swap it back out. Click the detail tab for more info.

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Stock is brand new it has a 2013 mfg. date on the inside.

I installed the Holbrook device you recommended TM, very simple to install.

Got a chance to go shot it yesterday only problem I had is the windage on the rear sight doesn't appear to be working. No move at all when it is turned. Doing some research now on how to fix it.

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