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Windows 7


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Vista can be mostly ok once you turn off the annoying stuff. Its been very stable for me.

On the negative it has a few infuriating features like not remembering the last saved path. Every time I save a file I must drill through every directory. Not sure if its common to my Vista or a quirk of my system.

Either way W7 is what Vista was supposed to be. Users will be a little confused by the new interface much like Office 2007.  They fixed what wasnt broken.

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I went to buy one of the netbooks to keep in the livingroom for when we have questions about movies or shows we are watching and was told wait until the new ones with 7 were on the shelf, so I guess I can go back now. C:-)

As I understand it, the NetBooks never had Vista.  All of them ran XP.

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Well that sucked....Ive been in Windows 7 hell since the day it arrived. Its a file permission mess. I couldnt install just about anything. It wouldnt allow me to easily access my external usb and nas. Fortunately there's already registry hacks and fixes that solved many issues. Creating a new user profile solved my software install issues so far.

I had 0 issues with the beta on this same pc.

Avoid the upgrade purchase option. Buy the full product. I had to install an os to start the upgrade in order to get MS to accept my license. Installing to a new formatted drive will die at the license screen. There are some folks who worked around it but they are presented with the license screen later in the process and are able to edit the registry....weird.

FWIW many folks are not having issues but the file permission and access errors seems to be the biggest issue.

I disabled UAC just as in Vista

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I recently had to man up and buy a new laptop after a meltdown of my 7 year old Dell. I got a killer deal on a Compaq computer I bought it a week before 7 was released. I was given the free upgrade to 7 with my purchase al I had to do was go on HP's site and register to get it. I am not all that unhappy with Vista for what I do it is treating me fine. I came from XP Pro, if I decide to run the upgrade I will certainly wait a while till a service pack or so is out there, I'm sure it wont take long.

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