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Your Best Rifle Pictures


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Here are a few pics of my collection that I had lying around on the computer.  My favorite rifle is the LWRC M6 A2.  I added the same type of grip and stock to the Colt .22 LR M4 to give it the same feel.  Both rifles have an NCstar tactical scope with an illuminated(blue) P4 sniper reticle(great scope for the money!).  I love the Yugo M24/47 and Mosin Nagants 91/30 and M44.  The lever action is a Mossberg 464(30-30) which is very accurate, but  the action is kind of stiff.  Last but not least is the Norinco SKS, also a fun gun to shoot!(I need to take a better pic of that one.)   








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Here is one of my favorite plinkers...My remington 597 in .22 lr    I got so tired of the notion of paying over 100 dollars for a pistol grip stock, that i finally busted out the dremel tool and an extra AK grip and went to town. I think it turned out good for less than 10 bucks!



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I've been thinking of trying something like this with my Marlin 925R, because the angle I have to bend my wrist at the regular grip plays hell with my arthritic wrist. Plus being left handed makes finding a thumb-hole stock difficult and there is almost nothing out there in after-market for the rifle.

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