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Mods and Upgrades Pic Thread


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whoops I started a post in the general thread. well here is an updated picture of my Colt M4 OPS.

Eotech 512

Aimpoint magnifier

Larue eotech mount

Noveske dustcover

Magpul CTR Multicam

Magpul backup sight FDE

Magpul FDE

Magpul railcovers

Viking Tactics light mount coyote tan

Viking Tactics VTAC-L4 surefire HA-BK

Cosmetic suppressor

walther silencer adapter.

tangodown vert. grip FDE

Surefire M952XM



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Nice Mike! I'm all about that tactical light!

Cmon guys, it's Surefire or it's nothin haha.

Go get the Vikingtactics lightmount and new VTAC-L4. basically it is a handheld version of the Surefire scoutlight. the scoutlight is normally around $300-$400 depending where you buy it. the Viking tactics is just as bright as it used the same led bezel. the only difference is that it has a flashlight body, not a weaponlight body. But at half the cost you are not sacrificing anything. only thing you might want to splurge on is the remote tail switch called UE07.

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Finally got my gun along with a few cheap mods...





UTG Tactical Light

UTG forgrip

Mako magazine coupler - i'll have to see how well these hold up at the range.

Now i'm off to the range!!! I'll try to write a little report afterwards. Using CCI and BVAC ammo.

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no modded pictures yet, Mrs. Santa has that OPS badboy under her side of the bed...  ;D  However I'm constantly upgrading sans Colt. I got a UTG illuminated reticle scope, 2 more 30 round clips, I'm gonna OD the stock, grip and rail covers. A tactical light in addition to my bipod and I'll be ready....4500 rounds of Long Rifle ain't hurting nothing either, LOL , also the engraved dust cover.


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Hey guys just joined the site & wanted to say hello. I bought a colt a few weeks ago & wanted to share my experience with it. Based on some of the reviews I've seen, I cleaned the gun before ever taking it out. First time out, I tried the Federal & Remington bulk packs. Had numerous ftf & stovepipes w/ both brands. Very frustrating. Took gun back home, gave it a thorough scrubbing and turned the gas adjustment screw until it stopped. I also cleaned out the grease in the firing pin channel.  Went back out and had much better luck with the Federal.  There were still a couple jams w/ the Federal, but since I bought a 5250 case of it, I'll live with it.  Hopefully that will disappear once I get a few thousand rounds through it.  I also brought out a 50 pack of aguila hyper velocity, and not one single jam, but it does seem to beat up the gun quite a bit. I'd like to hear what an umarex engineer thinks about using that stuff.  I'd like to try it with the CCI rounds too.

Some other casual observations about the gun:

- The barrel is ridiculous once you pull it out of the action.  Looks like a cheap lead pipe.  I've never seen a barrel that skinny.

- Overall the gun is extremely realistic looking. I think they did a terrific job on that end, but they screwed the pooch w/ the magazines. I'm surprised they would go to such lengths for realism to put a nonfunctioning bolt hold open latch & forward assist, and then finish w/ a completely non-standard looking magazine. I wish they would have just used a standard modded mag, even if it meant lower round capacity.  Actually I see they just came out with 20 rounders, which look to be closer to the right length. 

- In spite of the barrel, appears to be fairly accurate, until you start spitting out the rounds & the barrel heats up. My modded 10/22 puts this gun to shame in the accuracy dept.

- Trigger pull is pretty bad.  I'll be following these threads carefully to see if there is a fix.

I did a few mods to customize it the way I wanted. I had a custom barrel thread adapter made for the suppressor.  Also put on the quad rail barrel mount to cover up the front sight post holes.  Overall I'm very happy with it.  Very fun to shoot!


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here is a photo of my Colt 22 with a couple of upgrades. 

CAA Flashlight Grip adapter with Green laser

Umarex M-16 forend

NcStar 4X9 scope

CAA G27 Grip

Blackhawk Single point Sling

Magpul CTR stock

Magpul Magazine floor plates

Tacticool threaded barrel adapter

Tacticool 4.5 inch barrel shroud

Bill Springfield modified trigger




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