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Happy Independence day


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Everyone have a wonderful Independence Day, even the Red Coat! We're just having a cookout; ribs, corn on the cob, potatos salad, watermelon and adult liquid libations.

Do to the extreme fire danger we didn't get fireworks this year, so my Son & I will have to skip our annual Roman Candle Duel in the street  :grin:

God Bless America!

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I shot off a few rounds of .45 Colt yesterday evening....Hell it can't get more AMERICAN than that! Seriously guys remember those who served to insure our enjoyment of our freedoms, here's to our VETS :beer: and to those eternally young who made the ultimate sacrifice :beer:''SALUTE''!


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I've just had a brilliant idea Mr Asmurff. We could set up some king of US - UK exchange. You can't get Carlsberg over there and I can't get reasonably priced shooting gear over here, see where I'm going with this?  ;D

And on another note, booooooo. Come back to the dark side! We can provide you with all the tyranny and oppression you could ever need.... and Carlsberg!



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That's right Glowin, I guess y'all don't celebrate the War of the Georges over there do ya?

I apologize for our callous reveling in the Crown's ousting.

Of course, the folks who uprooted the Crown in the colonies were the hardiest Great Brittan had to offer.

It's a good celebration, you'd enjoy it.

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I can get Stella in the closest Albertsons grocery store. I'd forgot about World Market and we have another very good liquor store near here which carries a lot of imports. Just when I go there I'm always after Chimay or Maredsous 10 Tripel both Belgian Abbey Beers.

Glowin I think we'd both end up in prison with an exchange like that.  :-[

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