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What Do You Read Regularly ?


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What do you read that relates to guns,  hunting,  individual sports,  outdoors activity?

One thing I read everyday is The Outdoor Wire.  I feel very strongly that all of us who have any interest in guns at all and any interest in outdoors sports should read it.

The Outdoor Wire has several included daily sections,  that is,  several different 'Wires' that cater to different categories of readers;  check them out!  It has a vast amount of information on organized activities/events nationwide,  new products and the companies that are making them,  and at the bottom an article everyday called "Feature" which needs be read.  Everyday.

I subscribe to The Outdoor Wire-- it's free--  and read it with the other 'stay informed'  missives/blogs/whatever that are important to me.  I have two Email accounts.  One for all this stuff and another that is for very serious business and personal/family Email.  You might want to try this approach to keep your life sorted out some?

There are always too many things to do and to read and never sufficient time.  The other gun/outdoor magazines I am renewing subscriptions to are:

Shooting Times

American Rifleman


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