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Impossible to sell at a fair price


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Got me to go looking we have local site for guns sales, I saw Bushmasters from $1200-3500, Kel Tec .223 rifles at double their normal price and one at $1000.

Plus some wag had posted a M4 clone for $3500, but it was a plastic toy rifle in Zombie colors and light-up barrel.

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"Fair" pricing is based on supply and demand the "Banic" buying right now has increased the demand to such a panic level that suppliers can charge higher prices.  As long as people are willing to pay those prices, suppliers will continue to charge the inflated rate.  That's too bad, but I think it is fair.  It's difficult to control the market from the buyers perspective because you can't control all of the buyers to make the price fall.

I too fell into the panic shopping because I felt that the potential for restrictions on semi-automatic weapons would limit access later.  I would not willingly choose to have to pay a higher price, but I understand it.  Friday morning, following the shootings in CT, I found two Bushmaster AR15/M16 rifles available at a fair market price, when I went out at lunch to shop.  Both of those guns had sold by 5:00 pm.  Every gun in a fifty mile radius has been sold out since that Friday.  Interestingly enough, all ammunition is sold out as well as every gun case for an AR type gun.

Prices online have more than doubled for any .223 caliber gun.  Is that good?  Probably not if you're trying to buy, but I'd say it's the law of "supply/demand" system and it's fair.

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