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ammo shortage


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  • 3 weeks later...

My lucky day! I stopped by my parents house yesterday to borrow my Fathers 30-30 and found 11 bricks of CCI 22lr boxed up as pretty as can be, sitting in the bottom of the safe. I was told that I bought them back around 1985 and they have been there since. I didn't argue and brought them home with me. BTW the price tags from Farm & Fleet read 6.95 per brick.

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Here in the Denver, the 22 ammo has been hit and miss, have yet to walk into a Walmart and find it in over a year. Every now and then I get lucky at one LGS, stopped going to another because he was nasty to me pretty much any time I came in and asked for ammo, bought a bunch of cleaning supplies there, a few accessories. But he always seemed to be pretty short because I was not buying a gun when I came in. Pretty much a self full-filing prophecy. I will not purchase a gun there because he is short with me and will not sell me ammo... He's not going to sell me any ammo because I have never bought a gun from him, of well.

  The hits here are usually a couple of boxes at Cabela's if your there early enough right after they stock, got a couple of 100 rounds at one stop at Sportsman Warehouse, My other LGS every now and then.  On Thanksgiving was able to score two bulk packs of Golden bullets as a door buster at Dick's and then after purchasing a new toy at Sportsman over the weekend, they produced a 500 round bulk pack of Thunderbolts to be available with the new toy!  (pictures coming soon)...Basically I make the rounds, If I see 22..I buy it

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You know, "back in the day" we didn't blow off ammo like it had no value.  When we shot, we made each shot COUNT...which is to say that ammunition has an intrinsic value that should be taken into account.  I know people who think nothing of going to an indoor range and blowing through 500 rounds of ammo punching holes in paper...to what value?  So they can say they've put so many rounds through their gun?

EACH round of ANY caliber should be respected and conserved...don't just blow the shit off like it means nothing, because if the shit hit the fan tomorrow, that .40 .22LR round would be worth 100x more!

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I am at the point with .22 ammo, that I am ready to cut loose with one of my higher dollar .22LR long guns to get a Rossi .357 rifle. I can reload my .38/.357s a whole lot cheaper than CCI Mini-mags are running around here (if I could even find them.)

I predicted that the hoarders and re-salers where going to hurt the shooting sport, and it regrettably looks like I'm going to be right.  :confused:

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