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GSG 1911 22LR


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I will be watching for this, but if anyone else finds any addtional info on these, please post.

I can't wait for these to hit the market. GSG has already shown to have really good quality, it's a 1911 and it is suppossed to retail for around $350.

This is from the Main page here on www.tactical22.net

80% interchangeable with other 1911's. What this means is that you can't swap out only the slide, guide rod, barrel or spring with a .45 and expect them to work. In other words, don't expect to put a recoil spring from a .45 into this gun and expect it to work (I know this sounds insulting to your intelligence since it's common sense but they told me this in order to cover their own butts). HOWEVER it is FULLY interchangeable if you swap out ALL of the parts I mentioned above. In other words you could say this gun is backwards compatible and turn it into a .45 from a .22. Put simply this gun is meant to be able to convert to a .38 super, .40 S&W (I believe, I did not ask) and .45. As such if you wanted to swap out the trigger, mainspring housing or tweak it in any way at all to bring it up to "target 1911 standards" then you can do that as freely as you would any other 1911. I saw a comment before that a Kimber conversion would cost less (I usually see prices floating around $300 give or take $30). Keep in mind though that if you buy this pistol for $350 you can convert it to a .45 for around $200, instead of buying a decent pistol for $600, or more, and converting it for $300. Also this gun and its parts are measured in american standard (inches) not in metric.


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Yeah IF they ever get any in it might be nice to have one!  I got an email notice from Davidson's Gallery of Guns but by the time I got online they were sold out!

As for conversion to .45ACP or other calibers I don't know about that...dimensionally yes, but in my experience aluminum frame 1911's are made more for carry than shooting, but hey that's okay too!  I've had an 80% aluminum frame on-hand for about five years always meaning to getting around to milling it to spec to mount my Ciener Platinum Cup slide unit to it which would be pretty much the same thing as the GSG-1911.

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It appears like it would be a good .22 pistol, but I wouldnt recommend converting it to .45

Look at the frame in that photo. It is a two piece frame...two halves that fit together.

Launching .45 out of that frame will likely destroy it in rather quick fashion.

I think you're right on with that.  I never did get one of these, but converting to .45ACP was never a thought anyway.  I've got plenty of .45's to shoot already.


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yeah i was debating on this or the mosquito, went with the mosquito first but this is next on the list, from what ive seen it appears to be high quality and a decent price, and yeah the 1911 is one of my fav guns so getting to shoot a fullsized 1911 for cheap is very appealing to me as i have not been shooting the 45 much due to cost lol anybody with personal reviews post up i would like to know what your opions are on it...

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I just got a chance to make another trip to the range with mine.  I put 200 rounds through it without any problems.  I was there primarily to shoot my 1911 colt defender, but I would rotate between it and the GSG-22 and give myself a break from the recoil of the 45 ever so often.  I finally put 100 rounds through the 45 then finished off with the 22.  The GSG felt a lot like the 45 in your hands except when you pulled the trigger.  It was a real pleasure to shoot.  Previously I had made a trip to the range with the GSG when it was brand new and had a few failure to feed, but after the first 200 rounds and a good cleaning and lubrication this trip was a complete success.

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