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New permit for Yard Work required of Tactical22.net members

Michigan Joe

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Word has come down from Tactical22.net Headquarters that for members to engage in grass cutting or other yard work activities they must have a permit issued and approved by Headquarters.  To meet this requirement, on the day that the yard work is to be performed, the member must fill out the following form and within three (3) days, must  mail the form to Headquarters via First Class U.S. Mail.  The form, which can be obtained from Headquarters,  states as follows: 

  "I hereby swear and affirm that prior to making out this application today, I have presented myself to the local shooting range and have shot at least 300 rounds of .22 ammunition through a tactical type .22 weapon and am now prepared to engage in grass cutting and/or yard work activities for the remainder of the day."

The form is to be signed by the member, notarized and witnessed by two persons of voting age, placed in the mail in a suitable envelope addressed to Headquarters.  NO yard work is to be performed until Headquarters reviews the application and, after due consideration, approves it, enters the fact of said approval in the official Tactical22.net records, affixes the official Tactical22.net seal and mails the approved permit to the requesting member. Approval normally takes only 10 days.  The approved application will be sent back to the member via First Class Mail. Only when the approved application is received by the member may the member, only on the day that the member made the application, perform said yard work.

There have been a few somewhat spurious complaints by members' wives that given that the application is only good for the day it is made, and that a piece of U.S. Mail is usually delivered on a day subsequent to the day the piece of mail is presented to the Post Office, it would be impossible for the member to receive approval of the Yard Work application on the day the application was actually made.

Even though such complaints seem to be raising mere technicalities,  Headquarters has seriously  taken these complaints under advisement and respectfully reminds the complaining wives of the service that Headquarters is performing by issuing the permits in the first place. Headquarters also reminds the complaining parties that,  while it may be difficult to obtain the permit in a timely manner so as to allow the performance of the Yard Work, the first requirement of gaining approval for the issuance of a Yard Work Permit, i.e., the shooting of 300 rounds of .22 ammunition with a tactical type .22 weapon, certainly can be accomplished without much difficulty and is expected of each member to at least meet that requirement for the permit.  Furthermore, said wives are reminded that there is no requirement for a nonTactical22.net resident of the household, e.g., a member's wife, to apply for a Yard Work Permit. A member wife may perform yard work without a permit.  However, this does NOT waive the strict requirement that the member obtain a permit before engaging in Yard Work activity. Any such relaxation of the requirement of a Yard Work permit will invariably lead to anarchy, as history has shown time and again. Headquarters will not be responsible for the breaking down of civilization simply to appease the few who seek to avoid obtaining a simple permit. 

As a result,  Headquarters believes that it has been more than accommodating to the wives of its members  and will no longer respond to any such similar ridiculous complaints.

End Notice.

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Was it one of those tournament's if you don't bring your shotgun they give you one ?

does the permit also cover having to decorate your house i spent $200 on my rifle today and now iam getting nagged by the trouble and strife to decorate the bedrooms?

please help  :confused:

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