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I went tactical .22

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  • 3 months later...

The best part is $15 bucks for 550 rounds instead of $15 bucks for 50 rounds.

A trip to the gun range for me went from $135 to $20 bucks.


I love my 45, but $100 for 250 rounds, just takes a little of the fun out of it. And the 40 S&W aint much better. Generally just bring my 22 and my 9 to the range, and find I just have a blast, and am not too freaked out about the cost...Love it...

Welcome aboard.. Glad to have you!!! 8)

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That is the number 1 reason I've never gotten rid of my Browning Buckmark Camper. The angle of the grip matches my 1911A1 exactly, plus most of the control are in approximately the same locations and work the same. Some day when the extra cash is there I'll buy one of the 1911-.22s but no need to right now.

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