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100 Degree Heat followed us home


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i'm near drew and lucky, but let me tell you, there is a difference. where i work, we do plastics, and we have heat. last year,as it has not really heated up in the north east yet, we had 143 degress at my machine with 120 percent humidity as we cool with water. it f$#ck*ng sucks. i have been to vegas and to florida and i have to say, humidity is what'll get you

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I've been working outside repairing an in-ground watering system and removing a couple of shrubs. Luckily all the work has been under the shade of big tree out front. I work for a couple of hours each morning before the temps start climbing, then do my inside stuff in the afternoon in the A/C.

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I gotta tell you guys get your wives one of those big feathered fans with the broomhandle attached. She can get a good swing and really move some air while you're having a cold one..... :dance:

Broomhandle attached?? Uh yeah. Ya'll let me know how that works out for ya! :o

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