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Hurricane Isaac


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was headed right for us and the RNC but looks like it may drift a little westward...I hope.

Some of the urbanites have their American Express bricks ready to go smash and grab shopping as soon as the riots begin.

Businesses near the RNC are boarding up their windows.

Police snippers on rooftops. Something I've never seen before.

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As a long time Houstonian, Cat1's and Tropical storms I really don't worry about. Unless they just sit over you a couple of day and drop a couple of feet of rain. Strong Cat 2's, 3, 4, and 5 I get the hell out. Good luck down there but I think you'll be alright.

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Yep...Ike was bad enough in Houston in 08. New Orleans. Just there a couple of weeks ago. Charming city, but I just don't get why the just keep building up the damns and letting people move into the soup bowl that they create. Betsy Back in the 60's was the cause for all the damns and levees. Katrina didn't even directly hit N.O. Tore hell out of Biloxi. Hell the city has only half the population it had before Katrina. Those that moved are staying in my town Houston. Everywhere else on the gulf coast is suceptible to hurricanes. N.O. is the only place they have to PUMP the water out 1st and then rebuild.

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